For Students…

Engineering Development Trust (EDT)

The EDT has a number of programmes on offer to young people to give you a taster of what a career in engineering might be like. They include university visits, residential courses and internships.


Work Experience

Most Gloucestershire STEM companies offer work experience to Year 10 students and upwards. Research the areas of STEM you are interested in and find a local company. It’s best to look at the company’s recruitment pages and start looking early (at least 6 months before your desired date) as many companies get booked up fast. The Prospects website has some good information about finding work experience.


Apprenticeships and Higher Apprenticeships

The government’s apprenticeship website has good information about finding an apprenticeship, with information about apprenticeships and how to apply. Research local companies too and look on the recruitment pages for opportunities. Higher apprenticeships are also on offer at many local companies. These can be taken up Post-18 and often provide funding for university HNCs or degrees.


Internships/Year in Industry

Internships or Year in Industry are commonly done before entering university or as a sandwich year as part of a degree course.

Company recruitment pages will have more information or look at Prospects or the EDT for more information.  Further information can also be sought through your university.