For Teachers…

STEM Learning

STEM Learning is an organisation set up to support STEM teachers though a range of programmes:

  • STEM Ambassadors
    STEM Ambassadors are volunteers from STEM industries, who are trained to support the STEM curriculum, enrichment and careers in schools.
  • STEM Insight
    STEM Insight work placements provide a unique opportunity for education staff to experience life in a modern industry or a leading university.
  • Enthuse Partnerships
    Project Enthuse is a funding opportunity set up to allow access to subject-specific CPD. This can take the form of a bursary or as a partnership between local schools.



STEMworks is a not for profit organisation that works with schools, businesses and others to promote STEM and inspire the next generation. If you are business considering outreach, a school looking to run an engaging workshop or a teacher looking for STEM CPD we can help.


Cheltenham Science Festival

The Cheltenham Science Festival is the largest science festival in the region and offers a fantastic programme for schools. The festival itself offers plenty of chances to attend hands on workshops, talks and visits to the Discovery Zone and The Maker Shack. There is also an education and outreach programme that runs year round.


Cheltenham Science Group

The Cheltenham Science Group are a Community Interest Company which seeks to inspire a new generation to love STEM. They have a small science centre in Cheltenham and run drop in STEM clubs, activities for home educators and a robot club.


STEM Resources:

  • Do it Yourself IET Faraday Challenges
    Everything you need to know about running your own Challenge Day. Topics include: Remote operations, Flood defence, Emergency communications and Mission to Mars.
  • STEM Challenges
    A series of enrichment activities and challenges including: the Polar Explorer programme, The Grand Challenges: Our Futures and ESERO-UK (space resources).
  • RAEng Resources
    A wide range of STEM resources including: Engineering materials for a greener planet, Engineering in the movies, Drones- friend or foe and Disaster Response.
  • Practical Action
    STEM Challenges that focus on green solutions, overcoming problems in the developing world and sustainability.